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The Stage Program

Music comedy where clowning, comedy and dance melt into one unit.
This highly visual and acrobatic music comedy duo keep our attention through
their somewhat farcical but excellent scenical ideas. A perfect stage show.

Rhythm, movement and play, love of music and a rather erotic relationship
to the noble guitar are the reasons that make a Melodions performance a
superlative theatrical experience.

Gerry Sheridan and Klaus Renzel deliver a pulsating musical and acting duel
far off from the colourful TV compatible soddy humour.

Götz Alsmann (a famous german entertainer and musician):

"When I see the melodions I split my sides laughing.
Music virtuosity, spectacular points, wonderful mime are
all brought together with a perfect timing.
Musical comedy can`t be done better."

Locations: Theatres, City Festivals and all places where humour is needed
Duration: 70 Minutes
Galas: Extracts of 10 - 45 minutes