Photo der Clinic-Clowns

The Clinic-Clowns

When sick children`s hearts begin to glow it`s surely enough through the presence of the two music clowns Pipo and Coco who have been wandering the corridors of the university clinic in Muenster for the last ten years.

With their child like aura they dissipate the fears of the children and open
the space for phantasy and wonder. The ward is immediately transferred
into a magical space through their musical enchantment and
the children have the opportunity to laugh at their clumsiness.
While in one room they may play a cool hip hop or rap,
the next room might have a wild quacking duck hiding
in the closet.

In any case when the two of them leave, laughter and
music continues to resonate in the hearts of the little ones.
And the children look forward in joyful expectation
for the next visit

Location: Clinics
Duration: please ask