Photo aus dem Melodions-Programm


The Bomb disposal expert

With the premiere of the one act play "The Bomb disposal Expert", the Melodions have moved into new, explosive terrain. Ferruccio Cainero wrote a play for these actors and musicians that fits them like a glove. Cainero, born in Italy has received wide acclaim for his work as a director and author for Gardi Hutter.

The material for Cainero`s play is partly inspired from the American journalist Donovan Webster`s documentation of landmines "Aftermath of War". What forces a man to risk his life every day. And why does the other man - a musician - take on contracts without knowing for whom and what reason.

Klaus Renzel and Gerry Sheridan have created a tragic comic confrontation between two characters with a certain understated charm and polished with interesting musical arrangements.

Location: Theaters
Duration: 75 min.

External Link: Ferruccio Caineros Homepage
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