Photo aus dem Melodions-Programm


Westfälische Nachrichten:

"To compare them with the role of red and white clowns is as much
off the point as the comparison between Cirque du Soleil and the
circus that visit the small villages throughout Europe.
And nevertheless the Melodions embody this ancient dichotomy of
ordering and obedience, star and servant, clumsy and clever as their
central theme in the play...

The paper tissue industry was happy because there were never so
many tissues used on one evening. It was so funny how Mister Pom
presented the entré of the Baron.

He quickly found the right ladies in the audience, who, with the respective signal, screamed,
cried, fell unconcious or tore their hair out. The artist is very sensitive: "ten fingers and a
thousand eyes".

The demystification of the star and his cult began with the appearance of the Baron.
The ritualised entré in colourfull light and slow motion were beautifully set on scene.
But what is the form and size of an instrument in comparison to what Sheridan and Renzel
do with it. They are competent , whether it`s Elise, the Ode to Joy, or an earthy blues.
The choreography fitted also: Pete Townsend, Chuck Berry, Status Quo etc. -
all of them were on the stage but in a rather ridiculous way..."